Hello I'm Carina. I have always loved food but food has not always been kind to me. You can see i was a bit of a chubby kid enjoying the wonderful delights baked by my Grandmother. I remember with wide eyed amazement watching how a bunch of different ingredients mixed together could possibly create such delicious delights. As I grew older I knew I too wanted to create such magic. I embarked on a catering career taking professional qualifications along the way equipping me  with a wide range of the culinary skills I draw on today. Whilst over the years I have worked for a variety of different food establishments I have always continued to specialise in my baking.   Over the past few years Ibegan to notice how my body felt unbalanced, I was overweight and knew that I needed to make changes. I undertook a significant weight loss programme which restricted my eating. It was during this time that I noticed not only the quantity I was eating but the different effect gluten and dairy was having on my well being. Not wanting to give up my love of cakes I decided to explore which of my regular specialties I could convert. Cakefully Heaven was born. I am now fully committed to providing my cakes to individuals as well as local shops too. As a new grandma I look forward to sharing my love of baking with my grandson in the same way my grandma did with me using the traditional recipes that she passed down to me adapted to the modern day living needs.