Frequently asked question

Q         Do you keep gluten free products separate?

A         Yes, I use separate utensils

Q         What products are used for gluten free?

A         Dove gluten free flour and gluten free baking powder

Q         What is used for dairy free cakes?

A         All dairy free cakes are made with a vegan margarine

Q         Are all the cakes made fresh?

A         Yes, they are all made to order

Q         Can you deliver?

A         Yes, within a 10 mile radius, there is a delivery charge

Q         Can I collect my cakes?

A         Yes, you can collect your cakes

Q       How do I pay for my products?

A         On receipt of your order I will let you know how much your order will be, at which point payment will be required by bank transfer

Q         How do I contact you?

A         You can make an enquiry or place an order using the My Cakes to Order form on this site or email me directly at